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From the Pastor’s Desk frlopez 

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I share with you this reflection,

Sighs allow us to sit there for a moment or two without breathing—just being there at peace and without whatever it is that we just exhaled, without our worry or our confusion or maybe even our inner pain. It’s almost as if a sigh is a prayer for new spirit. On the other hand, hiccups are almost like breathing with potholes and speed bumps, like gulps of roughage to keep the good air flowing—or maybe they’re gulps of spirit to get the body into balance when it’s quite content to stay out of balance, a kind of forced prayer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about sighing and hiccupping. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown older and sigh more often. Now when I sigh, I find myself deciding to live with life the way it is and saying to myself that it’s got to be okay, because like it or not, it’s all I’ve got. I’ve begun to realize that after fighting with some of my sins for sixty-some years without much ever seeming to change, maybe I just need to let God do whatever God is going to do. And so the Spirit sighs, which is another way of saying, “Jesus is Lord.”

On the other hand, after sixty-plus years of living I also keep discovering new sinfulness in my life, little corners that I’ve allowed to get dusty by staying out of them. Like greed that I had labeled “being practical.” Like protecting myself from being used, which turns out to be no more than selfishness. And every once in a while, in a moment of honesty, I’ll come across one of those dusty corners, and it’s a bit like trying to swallow a peanut butter sandwich without any milk. It’s hard to get down, and then you start to hiccup.

Living God’s Word

We pay much more attention to hiccups because they are disruptive. Sighing comes easily. It settles us and heals. There’s good in both of them: hiccups direct our thoughts to what may need attention, sighing provides a moment of peace.

Fr. Sergio López 


St. John the Baptist Church is looking for a part-time bilingual (English/Spanish) receptionist, who can assist with general secretarial and receptionist duties and provide support to the Parish Clergy. Candidates must be able to speak, write, read and translate in both English and Spanish. Candidates must have strong skills in internet and e-mail usage and be adept in Microsoft Office, specifically, Word and Excel programs.

This position is classified at S3 according to Diocese pay scale. Work hours are Monday - Friday 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. To apply, please submit a resume and letter of intent to: Marina Ledezma, Business Manager. Addr: 264 E. Lewelling Blvd. - San Lorenzo, CA. 94580.

Thank you

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