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 Dear parishioners,


One of the words we hear repeatedly in these days is "vacations" When I hear this word, my whole being rejoices and my mind flies to different parts of the world. It is evident that I  cannot go to all the places I have always dreamed due to different circumstances. It may be due to lack of time, lack of money, I no longer have the vitality I had when I was young, etc. If I am given the opportunity, then I go where I can, while spending time with my mother,   brothers and friends of my childhood.


Vacations for me, are a very favorable time to rest, especially, rest of mind and body. I take the time to read a good book, I like to do my prayer calmly, I take many pictures to remember the moments, especially when I  discover a new place or a new culture.


God has created so many wonderful things that He invites us to enjoy them. The human being has created  borders and for some people it is very difficult to go to other places. But, not for that, we will not enjoy the space where we are and take advantage of the holidays to be in the presence of God with nature or with other cultures.


I wish you have a happy holiday and company of God, with your family and your friends.


God bless you in your vacations!


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