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    frlopez From the Pastor’s Desk 

    Dear friends, I share this reflection with you

    Jesus speaks in several parables today about the reign of God, including images from several groups of people in order to make his message clear to all who hear. The kingdom of God is like a man who sows good seed. The kingdom of God is like a person who plants a mustard seed. The kingdom of God is like a woman who adds yeast to her flour. All of these very human activities bring home the fact that the reign of God is already among us, working in small ways to bring about mysterious but very great results.


    Good and evil are allowed to grow together until the end, lest the good be destroyed with the evil. There is a lesson for us here. It is not that we shouldn’t oppose evil when we see it, but that in our zeal to make our world perfect by human force, we must be careful not to destroy the work that God is doing. It is not for us, but for God to judge what is to be kept and what destroyed, and even though we think we know the difference, we must be cautious not to disturb God’s carefully planted goodness in others. Violence can never be the means of justice.

    Likewise, the reign of God is like something very small, almost unnoticeable until we begin to see the results. The tiny mustard seed, which can be planted by any person (even a child), grows to be a large tree, amazing to all. A tiny amount of yeast, when added to flour, becomes invisible until it begins to make the whole dough rise, doubling or tripling its volume, and becoming bread in the oven’s heat.

    Let us not judge what we see, but trust that God’s work in the world is gentle and quiet, the results known only in the final chapter. We seek, in humility, to watch for the Spirit working in the ordinary activities of our lives.

    God Bless You, 

    Fr. Sergio Lopez

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