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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Church


Dear Friends

I share with you this reflection: 

What a journey we have travelled together over the last thirteen years. Maybe I’ll have time now to reflect over those years at St. John. I am so proud of the St. John community. You are a great community of wonderful people. I am so thankful for your love and support. I am also so thankful for all you have taught me and how you have shown me the meaning of generosity, love and how to live faith. St. John has accomplished so much over the past several years through your dedication and hard work. I encourage you to keep all that alive and pass it on.

As I have said so many times over the past six months the future of our parish looks bright. We fought long and hard to obtain our new property which is nothing less than a miracle! Now you will be able to expand both school and parish needs into a beautiful campus where the needs of the whole community can be better served. I know Fr. Sergio Lopez, the new Pastor, can work with you all to build upon what has been achieved and bring to completion the development of the newly acquired property.

My hope is that the constantly emerging and diverse community that is now the faith family of St. John will continue to grow and truly become the presence of Christ in San Lorenzo and beyond.

I reflect upon the purpose of my coming to St. John, this isn’t easy to answer. Central for me has been to help you know who you are. Namely, that you are the beloved of God. Hopefully I have helped you know your name. Something that is powerfully portrayed in a work by the Irish writer Brian Friel called “Translations”, which tells the story of a sadder Ireland in a nineteenth century setting where Catholics are denied an education. The school teacher holds class in the hedgerows where a young girl with a stammer is so happy when she is taught to say her name. That has been my important task here at St. John, to teach you all your name that you are the beloved of God!

There is a scene at the end of the story of the Last Samurai, where the Samurai warrior, who spent his life searching for the perfect cherry blossom is dying on the battle field. Beautiful cherry blossoms are drifting down around him from a nearby orchard. Seeing this he says “perfect! They are perfect!” I know that no one or nothing in life is ever perfect but I do believe the way things are progressing here at St. John is so perfect.

Let us hold each other in prayer and continue to relate in love that we may thrive. I take you with me in my heart as I express my heartfelt gratitude for your love, your faith, your generosity and support throughout my years at St. John.

Blessings, Fr. Mike

Dear Parishioners of Saint John the Baptist,

Since the announcement of my new assignment to Corpus Christi in Fremont I have been overwhelmed by the expression of your gratitude for my short ministry here. There have been the hugs, the laughs, the tears, and good memories.

I am exceedingly blessed, full of gratitude and overwhelmed as I say good-bye on July 1st. Let us keep each other in prayer, close to the heart of Jesus!

May our Blessed Mother help you. May Saint Joseph watch over the families. May Saint John the Baptist interceded for our young people. I will/do miss you!

Let us have Faith in YOUR Future!

In Christ, Fr. David Mendoza Vela

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