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    frlopez From the Pastor’s Desk 

    I share with you this reflection,  

    The parable in today’s Gospel is about talents. Talents in Jesus’ time were heavy silver weights, each worth a large amount of money. Today we define talents as our God-given abilities. By either definition, talents are there for a purpose—to be used. As Jesus’ story shows, money has no value if it is simply buried. How many of us acquire possessions, squirreling them away like pack rats? How much of what we own never gets used or is “only for special occasions”? Our abilities are just as useless if we never put them to work. Talents. Do you know what yours are? Our talents are not the skills or knowledge we have acquired, or our experience of life. Talents, rather, are those special aptitudes that are unique to each person. Some of us know what those talents are and use them to the fullest; some know some of theirs and use them now and again. Many more have little understanding of what real strengths God has endowed them with, or how to use them for good. Unfortunately, the stories of many of the saints have not helped us. 


    We may feel we have to have extraordinary gifts like them to be of any use. Not long ago a scientist set up an experiment. She matched people recently diagnosed with mul-tiple sclerosis with people who had had the same illness longer. She expected to see that each of the newly-diagnosed would show an improved outlook from the help of their new “buddy,” and this proved true. But surprisingly, the outlook of the helpers improved even more dramatically. Just the listening and befriending made all the difference. So think carefully about what your true abilities and aptitudes are and put them to use, whether for welcoming, spreading joy, making peace, healing, or comforting. 

    God Bless You, Fr. Sergio Lopez 

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