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Dear parishioners,

“Do whatever he tells you," is what today's Gospel pointedly suggests (John 2:5). Perhaps too pointedly, because it just may turn out that none of what he tells us seems appealing. Be that as it may, life does serve up new wine. Yes as always the question remains, how does anyone know what we're being told to do? How does one read the signs of personal times? A good marker, it would seem, is to pay attention to one's gifts. It may not be the only marker, but certainly one not to be ignored. St. Paul writes to the Corinthians that our strengths and talents come from the Spirit, and that each is given for some benefit. Other translations say they are given for the common good, which seems to be a better way of putting it, because it broadens our view and prevents us from understanding any gift in terms of personal benefit or preference.

It may be that the old wine we just drained did quench our personal thirst, but that the new wine is for the common good. So when the old wine runs out and we're offered new wine, it's worth considering whether we're being called to some new role in life. It may be that life is ratcheting up our degree of participation, calling us to make some new contribution we have not even considered. And we may be surprised. It may enrich the taste of life. On this day, then, raise a toast to God's new creation. To new wine. The British say Cheers! The Germans, Prosit! Poles, Na Zarowie! In Spain, Salud! And Lithuanians, Sveikas! Believers, well, they say Alleluia!

-Rev. Joseph J. Juknialis

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