Music Ministries


Music Ministries

St. John's Choir

Being part of Music Ministry means being part of a team that works together and supports one another. We are all blessed with different gifts and being in the choir is a great opportunity to serve our community with our musical talents. We each add our own unique voice, yet we sing as one. We encourage our church community to participate actively and fully in the Mass. No experience or training is required to be part of the choir. We have choir practice Wednesdays at 6:15 PM in the church (with a break during the summer). Our weekly choir rehearsals provide the time to learn our music and to strengthen our connection among our choir members. We are looking for new choir members who are willing to share their musical gifts with our church community. You are invited to use your God-given gifts to reach out to one another and bring God’s word to life through our music. Please consider adding your voice to our Music Ministry and enriching the lives of our St. John’s Church community. For more information, please contact the Music Director, by phone at (510) 351-5050 or by email at

Children's Choir

The Children's Choir engages the young people of our community (2nd through 8th grades) in the celebration of liturgy and the joy of music. Children will sing during the 9:30am Sunday Family Mass once a month (1st Sunday of the month) and at occasional parish events. Adults help with rehearsals and performances. If you feel called to help out in this ministry, please contact the Music Director, by phone at (510) 351-5050 or by email at

Spanish Choir

This choir accompanies the rites of the liturgy with songs that expresses the faith of our people. It prepares to sing Psalms and other parts of the mass, essential to our celebrations. It sings at two Masses: 6:30pm Saturday and 2:00pm Sunday. We have total 16 active members. We meet every Tuesday at 7:00PM for rehearsal in the Church. If you would like to give your time and talents to praise God through singing, join our choir. We need you and your talents.